4 Steps to Hiring a Developer Remotely

It is now evident that remote working is a priority in most sectors. The success of remote engagements depends on the people you involve. Since the hiring process is now remote as well, you need to consider how you can go about this procedure. When looking for a developer remotely, you should use the right approach to identify the ideal candidate.

A developer plays a significant role in carving the future of your business operations. For that reason, hiring the right developer is not an option. Here are steps to hiring a developer remotely.

1. Specify Your Requirements

You cannot find a developer remotely without defining what you need first. Start by writing down the requirements for the position of a developer. Here is a structure you can consider using in this case.

  • Describe the position – this will appear as the title.
  • Outline the project(s) or area – relates to the responsibilities of the applicant.
  • List the competencies – have a list of “must-haves” and “good-to-haves.”
  • Payment – will the pay be hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly? Will the remuneration be a fixed-rate or an approximation?
  • Job conditions – Is the job part-time or full-time? Are there additional requirements?

The job description should sound like an ad because you are selling the position. Attracting the right talent will depend on your ability to sell the offer. Also, ensure your job advert is reusable on LinkedIn, job board, among others.

2. Spread Your Job Offer

Hiring a developer calls for distributing your job offer on multiple online platforms. Some of the online options you can consider are;

a) Your Social Networks

Opting to use your social connections when seeking to hire a developer is a wise idea. You can begin by sharing the job offer with your social networks. LinkedIn should be part of your priorities in this case because this is where you find professionals. If you have a significant following on Twitter, you can consider it as well when posting your job offer.

b) Consider Technology-Specific Job Boards

Online platforms that bring individuals with specific technological expertise together are also available. Candidates go through a real interview on technology-specific job boards before hiring. In that case, you will most likely find an ideal applicant from there.

c) Freelance Job Boards

Online freelance job boards can help you hire a developer too. There are hundreds, if not millions of potential candidates on freelance job boards available for hire. By posting your job offer on such avenues, you will increase the potential of hiring the right individual.

3. Identifying The Right Candidate

Do not be in a hurry when hiring a developer remotely. Take time to analyze the details of each applicant as you filter out those you do not need. Beware of applicants who do not read your job application. Also, avoid candidates who talk about themselves and those with low ratings. Individuals with previous experience of working remotely and strong communication skills are worth considering.

After the assessment, conduct a video interview and make your choice.

4. The Onboarding Process

The initial stages of the onboarding procedure are quite crucial. You should not allow the developer you hire to work alone as they start. Give them access to necessary repositories and help them set servers too. You should also organize a remote new developer introduction for your team. Additionally, do not assume the candidate you hire knows everything.

Allow the recruit to ask as many questions as they wish and guide them accordingly.


If you hire a developer successfully the first time, you will adopt this approach going forward. Exercising due diligence is a prerequisite for hiring the right developer remotely. By following the steps above, you will enhance the probability of identifying the ideal candidate. 

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