5 Key Benefits For Onshore Development

Let’s be honest. Even though custom software development has a huge ROI, its initial costs can be somewhat alarming. The development price is usually the top reason why some companies choose offshore instead of onshore development options.

Unfortunately, while appearing cheaper at first glance, offshore software development can come with a variety of downsides. Meanwhile, onshore development is often the best choice for American companies.

Let’s look at the key benefits of working with onshore software developers.

1. Being in the Same Time Zone

The time difference can be a serious problem when working with an offshore software company. The inability to communicate timely and solve problems quickly can delay the development process.

An onshore development company is usually available during the standard office hours for the majority of the local time zones.  Accordingly, if any urgent questions arise, they can be addressed immediately.

Being in the same time zone is especially important for the latest stages of software development. For example, beta-testing phase issues may require an immediate reaction, which often can’t be achieved due to a time difference.

2. Speaking the Same Language

While the developer’s native language is the code, English plays a huge role in the development process. A slight language barrier when working with a software developer could turn into a formidable disaster.

Maintaining the product after the development phase is complete also requires clear communication. A lack of it may cause problems with eliminating errors down the road.

3. Complying with the Same Laws

When you are working with an onshore company, you can be sure that the local law protects you in case something goes awry. Protecting intellectual property and sensitive data is highly important when you are building custom software.

If the software development company is registered and located abroad, it may not comply with the same laws you do. As a result, confidential data you share during the collaboration may be compromised.

Of course, such breaches happen all over the world. However, they are less likely to occur in the United States, where the laws are stricter and well enforced.

Meanwhile, the legal power of the contract you sign with an offshore company can be questionable. With unstable economic and political situations in many countries, you may face unexpected changes, additional expenses, and cancellations.

4. Choosing the Best Team

The key to creating a top-notch software product is choosing the right team. It’s much easier to browse reviews, set up interviews, and gather information about an onshore company.

While choosing the development team, you may want to check out their projects, investigate their financial stability, and talk to past clients. You may also want to visit the head office to speak to the developers face-to-face.

All of the above is much harder to do when the development company is located on a different continent.

5. Enjoying Similar Work Cultures

Offshore development companies may have a drastically different work culture. As a result, both of you would have to adjust to ensure a fast and efficient development process. While this problem can be overcome with time, you wouldn’t want to delay your software development because of it.

With onshore developers, you don’t have to worry about the difference in values and traditions interfering with the collaboration efficiency.

Save Time and Work with an Onshore Provider!

Custom software development is an integral part of your company’s evolution. Doing it with an onshore development team increases your chances of success.  

Let’s build something great together! In the end, we can save you a lot of time and money with our premium onshore service. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more