Denver Startup Week 2017 Survival Guide


Denver Startup Week 2017 Transportation

Getting around Denver is already a challenge. With thousands of people converging on the city for DSW, traffic and parking will be a problem. You’ll want to avoid driving if at all possible. Don’t worry though, you’ve got plenty of alternative options.

  • Ride Sharing with Lyft is a great alternative, but be careful, those fares can add up quickly. (New and existing Lyft users get 25% off a ride to any Denver Startup Week venue with code DENSTARTUP25OFF.)
  • Public Transit can get you within less then a mile of almost every Denver Startup Week venue. RTD has a handy trip planner but we also recommend using Google Maps.
    • Example RTD Plan for Basecamp to Enterprise Coworking

    Denver Startup Week 2017 Transportation

  • Car Rentals with services like Car2Go are yet another option. Car2Go’s home area encapsulates every location, and you can rent a car for as little as $.32/minute, $15/hour, or $59/day.
  • Bicycle is probably our favorite transportation option, especially using bikes through B-Cycle. With B-Cycle there are 88 stations and 700 bikes available in Denver. Find the station nearest to you with their B-Cycle Location Map. (B-Cycle is offering a special discount for attendees, purchase an unlimited 24 hour rental at or on the B-Cycle app and use the code Start2017)
    Denver Startup Week 2017 Transportation B-Cycle Locations

Venue Locator

We’ve gone ahead and put together a list of the 6 most popular Denver Startup Week venues. Use either the bus, car, or bike icons to open up the coordinating map and happy travels!

Basecamp, launched by Chase
Enterprise Coworking
Galvanize, Platte St.
Union Station
Denver Place
General Assembly


Bonus! Parking…

If you’re planning on driving or using a rental through Car2Go, then don’t go it alone. Download the parking app by Denver’s very own Parkifi!
Denver Startup Week 2017 Parkifi Mobile App