Denver Startup Week 2018 Survival Guide

Denver Startup Week 2018

One Week. 200+ Events. RISE UP!

Welcome to Cuttlesoft’s “Unofficial Guide” to Denver Startup Week 2018!

Cuttlesoft is a digital product development agency here in Denver – and we LOVE Startup Week. Last year, we attended dozens of different events, and we even hosted a Cocktails and Cuttles party for our amazing startup community.

If you were there, THANK YOU!

Your guide to Denver’s Annual Startup Week

Our team has collectively logged hundreds of hours of DSW experience. Considering that, we thought we might share a tip or two for making sure your week goes smoothly. Whether you’re a first-time attendee or a Startup Week veteran, this guide will help you make the most of your DSW experience!

Wanna Cuttle?

Planning on attending Denver Startup Week? Let’s connect! We’ll be hosting and attending several different events this year, and we hope you can join us!

Cuttlesoft Events

Scaling Healthcare Technologies (Compliance in the Cloud)
At this presentation, Cuttlesoft Co-Founder Frank Valcarcel will fill-in audience members about the booming market for healthcare IT, and the challenges of scaling technology while maintaining compliance with HIPAA and other regulations.

Be Optimistic: Offline First Apps
In this talk, Cuttlesoft Co-Founder and Engineering Director Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel will be showing-off the latest in offline-first software. Attend to find out how optimistic UI and data replication can improve your app’s experience – even without a connection.

Content Marketing With Podcasts: An Expert Panel
Cuttlesoft’s resident podcast producer Nick Farrell has assembled a panel of content marketing experts to discuss the virtues of podcasting for businesses. Panel guests will discuss the in’s and out’s of podcasting, from recording to production to branding and promotion.

Grow New Developer Communities with Purpose
No developer works alone. Here, a group of leaders from Denver’s developer communities will be sharing their stories in building inclusive and collaborative developer groups. We’ll be there!

Denver Startup Week is also your chance to pick up one of our exclusive “Wanna Cuttle” shirts, get yours while supplies last! DM us on Twitter or find us in-person!
T-Shirts that say: 'Wanna Cuttle?' from Denver Startup Week