Denver Startup Week 2018 Survival Guide


Denver Startup Week 2018 Showcases
If you’ve ever attended a tech or startup conference before, you know that there’s a certain etiquette to follow while enjoying talks and presentations. Here are some helpful reminders.


  • Fill in all available seating at speaking events.
  • Venues are volunteer-organized. Be respectful!
  • Clean up after yourself and others.
  • Use the DSW Smart Speaker hubs for basic information.


Asking Questions

  • Ask a question relevant to the topic at hand.
  • Think about saving your question until the end of the session.
  • Don’t use that time to pontificate or state a disagreement with the speaker/panelist.
  • Ask yourself, “is this question applicable to anyone other than myself?” If not, consider finding the panelist after the event.


Avoid Distractions

  • Keep that phone on silent or airplane mode, don’t want to distract yourself and the other attendees.
  • Unless you are using it to enjoy a workshop or demo, try not to be distracted by laptop browsing.
  • Keep talking and other distracting noises to a minimum, and if you have to take a call, take it outside.


Be Respectful

  • This should be obvious, but never heckle at events.
  • Panelists and presenters are volunteering their time and expertise to help you.
  • Pay attention to the speaker, and cheer when appropriate.
  • Help create a supportive environment to help panelists succeed!


Be Social

Seeing as Denver Startup Week is the largest event of its kind in the U.S., you can expect there to be a LOT of people, all with their own agendas and plans. Beyond just attending these events, make sure to try and meet new people as well. Who knows who you’ll bump into?

  • Arrive early to events to meet other attendees.
  • Many events include unstructured networking time, take advantage!
  • Try to make a new friend/business contact each day.
  • Just don’t sit by yourself the entire time!

Be (on) Social

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or your personal brand, Denver Startup Week has endless opportunities for interacting with fellow attendees online.

Use hashtag #DSW18, tag @DenStartupWeek, check-in at venues, and upload photos of events to engage the thousands of folks who follow along with DSW events online.

Can’t decide on a schedule?

To save you some time, we’ve put together curated lists of events for Denver Startup Week 2018. Find one that suits you and add it to your calendar!