Back in September 2015, the Tallahassee Sunrise Rotary club decided to create a mobile app for their 8th annual craft beer celebration, Brewfest. Brewfest is a sellout Tallahassee event featuring over 200 different beers from more than two-dozen breweries.

Event organizers wanted an app where guests could learn more about the beers on the list and vote for their favorites. They turned to Cuttlesoft to develop it.

All proceeds from Brewfest benefit local and regional charities, which is why Cuttlesoft decided to build the app pro-bono. This gave the team a chance to give back to the local community and show off its development chops.

To accomplish what what was needed for the Brewfest app, Cuttlesoft used their Cuttlefest template to build the app and customize it to the organizer’s standards. Previously, Brewfest had used a paper voting system to let guests pick their favorite brews. Cuttlesoft coded an in-app solution to save green (and paper).

Cuttlesoft worked quickly and collaboratively with us to incorporate our branding into the app for a fully customized result.” -Jacob Waites, Foremost

With some help from the minds at Foremost, Cuttlesoft worked closely with the Sunrise Rotary Club to build a pleasing, cohesive app, able to display the multitude of ales, stouts, and IPA’s on tap at Brewfest. The Cuttlefest template allowed the team to develop the app’s complex features and polished user interface with time to spare.

Much thanks to the Tallahassee Sunrise Rotary for making Brewfest 2015 possible and giving Cuttlesoft an opportunity to reciprocate all that Tallahassee has done for the company. 

Be sure to check out for info on next year’s event, and visit our friends over at Foremost.

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