Usherbike founder Richard Fetchick had a simple idea: make bicycle commuting and meet-ups easy and accessible using a web application. Turning this idea into a reality, however, proved a bit more complicated. He needed a developer that could not only design and build “Facebook meets Uber for social bike riding,” but also do so within his budget.

This is where Cuttlesoft came in.

Faced with a “dearth” of development firms to choose from, Richard followed a professional recommendation and contacted Cuttlesoft’s Frank Valcarcel. From there, Usherbike began to take shape. Cuttlesoft’s team of experts worked with Richard to refine his concept into an actionable product. According to Richard, the planning process is really where Cuttlesoft made an impact.

Frank and I spent a fair amount of time going over the concept, basic coding aspects, wireframes, and other pre-planning (which I consider to be a hallmark of their transparent, honest approach to developing ideas at Cuttlesoft), and when I felt confident, we drew up a specific contract to build the creation.
– Richard Fetchik, Usherbike Founder

Once there was a solid plan, Cuttlesoft’s Emily Morehouse worked with Richard to realize his vision for Usherbike, a lightweight web application that could unite local cyclists. Development moved fast. In less than three months, they produced the Usherbike MVP (minimum viable product) that Richard needed at a fraction of their competitor’s price.

usherbikeAt the end of development, Richard was impressed by the “flawless” functionality and flexibility that came with Cuttlesoft’s unique approach to software development. Richard now has a validated concept and working prototype that he is able to show off to potential clients. Because of the quality product that Cuttlesoft created, Usherbike has several potential licensers including Florida public transit agency Commuter Services and the city of Round Rock, Texas.

Moving forward, Richard plans to work with Cuttlesoft to further develop Usherbike to better suit his potential client’s needs. With Cuttlesoft’s continued support, he can create a valuable product that will “increase bike riders’ visibility in many cities and provide an agile, lightweight solution to the longer haul of infrastructure.”