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Tallahassee entrepreneur Lucas Lindsey had a vision: a digital space where writers could “share their work, build and host portfolios, and shoot the breeze with a like-minded group.”

When realizing his vision, Lucas discovered he had a problem: too many potential features and a lack of knowledge of what would “resonate” with Writrsbloc users.

He needed the help of a development team to not only build his product, but figure out which features were best for the community he wanted to inspire. To solve this problem, Cuttlesoft’s Frank Valcarcel came up with a unique solution.

Instead of building features one by one to see which ones received attention and which ones gathered dust, Cuttlesoft incorporated a voting system into the onboarding process that allowed new users to vote on the features they wanted. That way the team could focus on building the best parts of the app while ditching ones that users had no interest in.

“The best part of working with Cuttlesoft wasn’t just that they could build what I wanted. It’s that they could help me make it better than I wanted.” -Lucas Lindsey, Writrsbloc

The intel gained from the voting system allowed Cuttlesoft to build a prototype with a list of services and features that they could be confident about. By offering this creative and forward-thinking solution, Cuttlesoft saved countless work hours on the Writrsbloc MVP.

Find out more about feature voting in the onboarding process in this blog post.

Cuttlesoft didn’t stop there with this “intelligent” development approach. After the first launch, the team continued to gain intel and user statistics to make Writrsbloc a better product for everyone. Using a dynamic tracking system incorporating apps like Mailchimp and Mixpanel, Cuttlesoft was able to tell which design aspects worked best with Writrsbloc users and make improvements accordingly.

“Their team is dedicated to building first rate products and strong client relationships. They see a constraint as an opportunity for creativity, not an impasse.” -Lucas Lindsey

Thanks to the experts at Cuttlesoft, Writrsbloc users can submit bits of their writing that they want to share and receive updates about what others are writing. Now over half a year old, Writrsbloc continues to compile the best writing on the web and share it one sentence at a time.

Learn more about Cuttlesoft.