Startup Capital: The Podcast, Season 2 Finale

Local Tech, Global Impact

Welcome to the Startup Capital Season 2 finale!

This is our Season 2 capstone episode, which means that instead of interviewing individual founders and leaders, we’ll be closely examining one company in particular: UberOps. UberOps is a healthcare IT firm that’s been growing steadily since its debut in 2004.

From helping share data between hospitals, to tracking diseases for the federal government, to creating new tools to tackle newborn health, UberOps has its hands on important work that spans the globe – and they do it all from right here in Tallahassee.

For Season 2, Episode 9 of the Startup Capital podcast, we decided to take a close look at this rapidly growing company. We spoke to the team to discover how their human approach to technology has helped them build a reputation as a global leader in healthcare IT.

To find out the UberOps recipe for success, and their model for growth in Tallahassee, tune-in to Season 2, Episode 9 of the Startup Capital podcast by Cuttlesoft.

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