Startup Capital TLH: Season 3, Episode 6

Susan Fiorito and the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship

Founded in 2017, The Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship at Florida State University is part of an ongoing effort to bring entrepreneurship to the forefront of undergrad education at the institution. The School is home to the new entrepreneurship majors at Florida State, as well entrepreneurship programs for non-majors and university faculty.

Dr. Susan Fiorito, the Jim Moran School’s director, is in charge of sustaining and scaling the school’s growth and finding new opportunities for its students. A lifelong entrepreneur herself, Fiorito has been teaching entrepreneurship and advocating for entrepreneurial education for nearly the past decade.

For season 3, episode 6 of the Startup Capital podcast, host Alissa McShane sat down with Fiorito to learn more about her story, and to chat entrepreneurship and education in the capital city. To hear Dr. Fiorito’s advice for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and find out how “saying yes and figuring it out later” can pay off, listen-in this episode of the Startup Capital podcast by Cuttlesoft.

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