Fallout 4 Companions as a Startup Team

What if Fallout Companions formed a startup team?

The Commonwealth’s first tech startup is looking to attract some Diamond City investors; here’s a profile of the team.

startup team member Piper


She’s the chatty one of the group; a networking, PR, and social media expert. Piper charms clients and investors with her quick wit and frequent use of the wink emoji. She’s the reason meetings run long.



startup team member Codsworth


The team’s bot. Modern product dev teams can’t get by without some level of automation, and the flamethrower doesn’t hurt either. Codsworth notifies the team when servers are down and has a huge bank of witty jokes to lighten the mood.



startup team member Preston

Preston Garvey

As customer and tech support, he’s ready to help at a moment’s notice. Preston is the first to warn about bugs, but rarely able to fix the problem on his own. He’s the OSS preacher of the group, and always the diplomat during meetings. Garvey is a team player with good intentions but tends to overwhelm his teammates with constant requests.



startup team member Strong


Not the most creative programmer, but the fastest. Strong’s coding style is “brute force” and his CLI of choice is BASH. He’s the one who gets mad at meetings and dislikes talk about UI/UX because “User stupid, Strong know better!”



startup team member MaCready


Bug sniper. Efficient, organized, and always ready to execute. A coder with a checkered past of failed startups, hackathons, and VC betrayals. He’s the quiet guy in daily standups, but when he pipes up… everyone learns something.



startup team member Cait


The night owl of the group, she’s usually the last one to commit changes. Fueled by Red Bull and sarcasm, she prefers to work alone at odd hours of the night. Don’t mess up her code unless you want to receive “a well-placed kick.”



startup team member Valentine

Nick Valentine

The fixer. He’s an I.T. veteran who knows how to get the job done. Prone to hiding song lyrics in commit messages and making cryptic references to obscure movies. Despite his quirks, he always knows a workaround to even the most difficult problems and regularly helps his teammates out of binds.



startup team member Danse

Paladin Danse

The rule maker. Danse is a coffee drinking machine, and probably your scrum master. He takes his work seriously, dresses up every day, and keeps his desk ultra-clean and clear of distractions. He’s always the one saying “Ok guys, let’s focus here”, and bringing up the mission statement at meetings.



startup team member dogmeat


The perfect hire. Always loyal, useful in a pinch, and points out problems before they happen. He never causes any drama, just keeps his head down and writes flawless code. Easy to motivate, and doesn’t worry about taking credit, Dogmeat is everybody’s friend.



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Artwork by leafpuppy.tumblr.com
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