7 Tallahassee Startups to Follow

Tallahassee Startups are on the rise

Tallahassee certainly has a budding startup scene, but many residents haven’t heard about the multitude of dynamic companies being built in the 850. Here are seven innovative startups home-grown in Florida’s capital.

1. Fly Mouthwash

Fly Mouthwash logo - Tallahassee Startups
FLY Mouthwash is a Domi Get Started startup selling a product poised to disrupt the market for fresh breath. A design that can replace mouthwash, chewing gum, mints, and breath fresheners, FLY Mouthwash is a concentrated mouthwash that works much like the popular MiO pods, which let you add concentrated flavors to drinking water.

FLY Mouthwash would replace those tiny, travel-sized mouthwash bottles, and because the product is concentrated, you get up to ten uses in the same sized container. It will give buyers “the portability of a pack of gum or mints with the freshness, feeling, and effectiveness of an at-home mouthwash.” Still in development, FLY Mouthwash plans to revolutionize minty-freshness soon.

February 2018 Update: After securing a seed investment from an angel investor, Fly Mouthwash has since launched successfully. They’ve sold over one thousand bottles to date, and they’re soon to be featured on the Startup Capital podcast!

2. One Fresh Pillow

1 fresh pillow - Tallahassee Startups
One Fresh Pillow is another product startup meant to address the problem of musty, dirty, and unsanitary pillows being used long after their expiration dates. One Fresh Pillow is a pillow subscription service that not only provides fresh pillows, but pillows designed to provide maximum support for the head and neck — areas where many people experience pain and discomfort due to squashed pillows.

Part of Domi’s 2016 Get Started cohort, One Fresh Pillow promises to help subscribers get better sleep and have a cleaner pillow experience soon.

3. Proper Channel

proper channel logo - Tallahassee Startups
Proper Channel is the company built by longtime Domi Station resident, Will McCluskey. The problem that Proper Channel addresses is a major one: organizational knowledge loss. As businesses and organizations lose and hire new employees, much operational knowledge is lost. This makes staff turnover quite costly for businesses, especially those with complex inner-workings.

Proper Channel provides customizable flowcharts that allow organizations to document and retain that knowledge and make onboarding much faster and less expensive. Since its 2013 launch, users have created over 1,400 guides on everything from obtaining a driver’s license to finding drink specials around town. Proper Channel also recently launched an enterprise version of the software and consults with companies to create guides for whatever they may need. Anyone can create a Proper Channel guide for free, so visit the website if you’ve got knowledge to share.

4. Swell Coin

Swellcoin Logo - Tallahassee Startups
Swellcoin is another Domi Station startup founded by Barbara Wescott that aims to help local communities thrive by increasing local spending. Wescott saw a major problem in today’s economy: too much money gets sucked up by corporate behemoths that funnel money upwards. Dollars spent locally at a boutique store get turned around in the community; dollars spent on Amazon and other online retailers do not.

The solution that Barbara provides with Swellcoin is to incentivise local spending, letting local shoppers — and even local government — earn loyalty points by shopping local. By spending money at member organizations using a connected debit or credit card, users earn points towards rewards from those same businesses. Swellcoin is currently in Beta release; sign up today to find out more.

5. StatusTLH

StatusTLH Logo - Tallahassee Startups
The brainchild of local developer Ryan Kopinsky, StatusTLH is a new app to let cities inform citizens of safety hazards, road closures, and power or internet outages. Inspired by the lack of relevant information during 2016’s Hurricane Hermine (which left ~90% of the city without power), the app provides real-time updates on the status of utilities around town.

The app is already built and is deadly simple and lighting fast, meaning that users can be updated in real time about lineman’s progress in restoring power during a disaster, for example. Some features will also be crowdsourced, allowing users to report non-critical outages (like restaurant closures).

6. Pinnacle Education

pinnacle logo - Tallahassee Startups
Pinnacle is another big data startup based in Tallahassee that aims to help K-12 school systems better find and use education data. Through student, teacher, and parent surveys, Pinnacle shows schools how they can leverage information to improve leadership, school climate, teacher retention, and student performance.

Taking a holistic and data-driven approach to K-12, Pinnacle designs unique surveys for students, teachers, staff, and parents that let schools get a big picture of what the school could be doing to improve and help identify problems they didn’t know existed. Pinnacle also teaches schools how they can better prepare students for the 21st century workplace.

7. DivvyUp

divvyup logo - Tallahassee Startups
DivvyUp is a social entrepreneurship startup that sells designer socks online and donates a pair to a homeless shelter for every pair sold. Founded in 2014 by Jason McIntosh and Mitch Nelson, DivvyUp got its start through FSU’s Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship and the InNolevation Challenge, through which they received mentorship and seed money to build their idea.

DivvyUp has grown quickly thanks to some smart local partnerships and a great product that you can feel good spending money on. Now, they’re preparing to open up their first office and bring this charitable enterprise to the next level. Order a pair today to up your sock game and contribute to social good.

2017 Update: DivvyUp has pivoted! We interviewed founders Jason and Mitch for the Startup Capital podcast to find out more. Hear where they’re heading now in Season 2, Episode 5 of Startup Capital.

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