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Python is a powerful, general-purpose programming language used by the experts at Cuttlesoft to build everything from the Web, to Hardware, to Data Science.

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NewSci, a Tallahassee big data startup, provides data analytics and visualization for clients nationwide. In 2016, Cuttlesoft helped them simplify the process with a custom web app.

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From the Python experts at Cuttlesoft.

As a Python Core Developer, it gives me tremendous pride to use Python in my work at Cuttlesoft. I’ve put so much of myself into promoting and advancing this language, and it’s a very special feeling every time we ship a new Python project.

Emily Morehouse

Director of Engineering

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Our work can be found optimizing fleets of fuel-hauling trucks, delivering data from the nation’s largest IoT weather network, and powering intellectual property management at today’s top universities.

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