Announcing our Upcoming Interview Series: Startup Capital

We’re talking with tech leaders and influencers all around Tallahassee and sharing their stories with you!

Tallahassee is our home. We got our start here, and want to do everything we can to give back to the city that has given us so much. We work hard to support our local business ecosystem and bring valuable business and talent here. One way that we’ve chosen to do that is to pay visits to some leaders around the tech and startup scene in Tallahassee to find out what makes our city awesome, and what they think about the future of Tallahassee as a hub for tech and software.

Some folks we’ve talked to already:

Look out for these compelling interviews over the next few weeks. We’re talking software, startups, urban development, and Tallahassee’s future as a center for high-tech business and research.

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