Cuttlesoft Ranked a 5-Star Agency!

Even the most brilliant product idea isn’t enough these days. An astounding 95% of new products fail every year — and not because the idea itself is bad, but because many businesses underestimate how critical product development and launch are. 

So, what is a brilliant idea to do? Connect with Cuttlesoft. After all, we’re known as the idea-driven developers. 

We craft beautifully designed and highly scalable solutions for web, mobile, IoT, and the cloud.

Cuttlesoft is a creative product development agency, and we’re committed to converting high-quality ideas into high-quality code. By deploying cutting-edge development methods and a user-centric approach to Agile, we achieve levels of flexibility and efficiency that set us apart from the competition.

Our 5-star ranking on Clutch, a premier B2B buying guide, also sets us apart. We’re thrilled to have a profile on Clutch so that potential buyers can find out more about the quality of our work and our ability to deliver.

Our most recent review came from the well-known technology healthcare company Beterra Health. They recruited us to develop the ACT Improvement System, a platform that helps healthcare organizations track improvement plans around patient safety and quality. 

We did a thorough discovery phase and then developed the product using their tech stack, which included Ruby on Rails and JavaScript frameworks. We helped launch the product and continued to maintain the software. 

We satisfied the requirements by delivering a complete product on time. The client was particularly pleased with our commitment to being a great partner, such as by helping them onboard engineers and educating them about this product.

We also received a positive review for the work we did developing a weather app for iOS and Android. The client had developed the web and social media app “WeatherSTEM” and was preparing to introduce it at an industry-leading tech conference. Shortly before the event, they decided they wanted a mobile app as well — and they entrusted Cuttlesoft with delivering a high-quality app under strict time and budget constraints.  

“I was impressed by their willingness to not push things onto their clients and to adapt to the workflow and preferences of those clients. This adaptability is, I think, one of the most important aspects of longevity in their industry.” — Founder, Edward Mansouri – WeatherSTEM 

In a two-month span, we developed a mobile app using the Ionic framework. We helped enable various features and functionalities, including data and image display, live stream, and notifications.

To discover more about our services, check us out on The Manifest, Clutch’s partner site that deems us a top app developer in Denver. It isn’t easy to establish and then increase your audience on a wide scale, but that’s why we’re here. Contact us today!