Cuttlesoft Welcomes Micah Widen

Cuttlesoft is pleased to announce that Micah Widen will join the team as Cuttlesoft’s first Director of Revenue. Widen will lead all sales, marketing, and business development for Cuttlesoft.

Widen brings an impressive range of experience and skills to the Cuttlesoft mission. His first entrepreneurial project came when he saw a need for reliable house painting services in his Indiana college town. He was 18 years old and he found his passion: Recognize a need and fill it by assembling the best teams and strategies to deliver the best solution possible. He has worked to build his own companies and to help existing organizations succeed in the real estate, software, advertising, and marketing fields.

Recent years saw Widen devoting his time to guiding young entrepreneurs to build their own dreams, first as co-founder and CEO of Tallahassee’s Domi Station startup incubator, and more recently as CEO of Groundswell Startups in Melbourne, Florida.

In their fifth year, and with two years of rapid revenue and geographic growth, Cuttlesoft co-founders Emily and Frank Valcarcel recognized a need for an accomplished business development specialist. As it turned out, they already knew the best candidate for the job. After meeting the pair at a Florida State University hack-a-thon, Widen recognized their exceptional talent and work ethic and encouraged them to start their own company in a space at Domi Station.

Frank Valcarcel recalls that, “Micah was our very first champion. He challenged us, guided us, and connected us. Micah was a mentor who became a dear friend and will now be a colleague. He’s been such an integral part of the journey that it’s inaccurate to say he’s ‘joining us’ because, in reality, he’s always been here.”

When the time came to step into another phase of his career, Widen weighed several options. Why Cuttlesoft?

I cannot imagine a better team to join. It’s time to go move mountains!

“True entrepreneurs are hard to find,” Widen says. “When I met Frank & Emily at FSU, I knew they were going to build something incredible. Since then, I watched them grow into impressive leaders and community builders. I cannot imagine a better team to join. It’s time to go move mountains!”

Co-founder Emily Valcarcel adds that, “Micah brings a knowledge and experience of Cuttlesoft’s growth second only to Frank’s and my own. He knows what it’s taken to get us where we are and is the perfect guiding light to bring us to the next phase of Cuttlesoft.”

Widen’s first official day as Director of Revenue is February 25, but he is already hard at work developing the plans and strategies he will pursue in the role. Do not be surprised if you hear from him.