Startup Capital’s First Ever Listening Party

Our story is your story

Every November for the past three years, the city of Tallahassee has gathered to celebrate its startup community. This year was no different – from workshops for founders to talks inspiring the next generation, Tallahassee Startup Week 2017 was bigger than ever.

During Startup Week, we at Cuttlesoft and Startup Capital invited the community in to listen to our podcast interview featuring two local companies no longer starting, but growing their businesses. In partnership with WFSU and Domi Station, we set up speakers, tapped a keg, and listened to the podcast together.

“There’s something powerful about collective listening.”
– Kim Kelling, WFSU Public Media

We paused mid-way through the episode so that our hosts – Kim Kelling with WFSU and Alissa McShane from UberOps (our Season 3 host!) – could ask questions to the audience. The interview, featuring DivvyUp Socks and FullScaleNano, took place back in March 2017, so we wanted to bring the guests back in to see how they’ve grown.

After the podcast, DivvyUp’s Mitch Nelson and Jason McIntosh, and Jodi Chase with FullScaleNano joined our emcees for a panel discussion about the episode’s themes.

Here are just a few takeaways from the panel:

  • The network in Tallahassee is small but strong, and growing stronger
  • Building a startup takes courage, resilience, and grit
  • Learn to balance your gut instincts with insights from your data
  • Know when to pivot, but don’t try to be everything for every customer

“Some days your ego takes a real bruising… you have to have the ability to get through those bad days.”
– Jodi Chase, CEO, FullScaleNano

Events like this, that bring different people together, are important for a startup community. Discussing the common threads and shared experiences of entrepreneurship help people overcome difficulties faster and accelerate growth across the entire city.

Despite offering such vastly different products, these two companies are able to relate to each other and share advice with each other. That’s why this listening party was a success – it brought together a diverse crowd to discuss the shared challenges of starting a business.

“We had faith that the market was there, we just didn’t really know what it was yet.”
– Jason McIntosh, DivvyUp Socks

Here’s to another successful Tallahassee Startup Week! We hope that you’ll subscribe on iTunes to hear our Startup Capital Season 2 finale in December, and tune in to Season 3 coming in 2018.

To all the tenacious entrepreneurs in Tallahassee, keep on building, and we’ll see you next year!