Startup Capital, The Podcast: Season 2, Episode 4

Talent Lives Here

Tallahassee has three centers of higher learning within its limits: FSU, FAMU, and TCC. Based on the number of students who live here, one would think that local businesses would be flush with young graduates.
The reality is a bit more complicated.
In spite of such a large talent pool, many companies can’t find the talent they need. For businesses in science and technology, this is especially damaging. If a technology company can’t recruit a technically-proficient workforce, how can it thrive?
Like many small cities, Tallahassee is pushing to become more tech-focused and entrepreneurial. If this is ever going to happen, local businesses need a steady stream of candidates to recruit from. Since many students view Tallahassee as simply a stepping-stone to larger cities, this is a challenge.
For Episode 4 of Startup Capital, Season 2, our host Lucas Lindsey spoke with local leaders Ebrahim Randeree and Jay Revell to try to understand the challenges facing local recruiters.


Ebrahim Randeree (or Ebe, as he’s known around campus) is an Associate Dean of FSU’s College of Communication and Information. An advocate for local business, Randeree is behind many of the university’s talent-focused initiatives. Jay Revell is Vice President of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. Through this role, Revell works to make sure that students see a side of the city that they would otherwise never be exposed to.
To find out how local businesses can better position themselves to hire recent grads and improve Tallahassee’s reputation among students, listen in.

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