Startup Capital, The Podcast: Season 2, Episode 3

Culture as Competitive Advantage

When a company’s culture makes the news, it usually isn’t because its employees are happy, healthy, and hard-working. More often, you hear about crushing corporate offices or “bro-centric” startups. That doesn’t mean that workplace culture sucks everywhere — it just means that bad examples garner more press.
Most companies strive for a healthy culture, and those who do see higher performance and better employee retention. For Episode 3 of Startup Capital, Season 2, we interviewed two growing local companies who’ve made workplace culture a priority.
Mindy Perkins is CEO and President of VR Systems, an employee-owned elections technology firm that prides itself on employee unity and buy-in. Tom Derzypolski is President of BowStern Marketing Communications, whose “culture of leading with kindness” has been a focus from day one.
To find out how these two business leaders empower employees and keep them engaged, listen in.

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