Startup Capital TLH: Season 3, Episode 2

Get Fresh: The Fly MouthWash Story

A bottle of fly mouthwash
For Season 3, Episode 2 of the Startup Capital podcast, we interviewed two founders poised to disrupt a product that’s been all but stagnant for years: mouthwash.
Anyone who drinks as much coffee as your average entrepreneur knows that mouthwash is essential for getting that minty-fresh feel, but what about when you’re on the go? Once you leave the house, your options for freshening your breath are far more limited.
That’s where our guests for this episode come in.
The Fly Mouthwash founders in the studio
Founded by FSU graduates Nick Telford and Michael Bracciale, Fly Mouthwash is a concentrated solution that lets you rinse and clean out your mouth without having to lug around an entire bottle of mouthwash.
The pair has been working hard to bring their product idea to market for the past few years, and in 2017, they secured a seed investment which allowed them to complete their first manufacturing run. Now, Fly Mouthwash can be found in stores locally and online on

Fast forward to 2018, and they’ve sold over 1,200 bottles and received more than 80 five-star reviews on Amazon. But as you’ll find out, it took luck, years of hard work, and a healthy dose of persistence for them to get where they are today.

Season three host Alissa McShane sat down with Telford and Bracciale to find out what it took to get their idea off the ground. To learn more about Fly Mouthwash’s founders, and hear the story behind the success, tune in to Season 3, Episode 2 of the Startup Capital podcast by Cuttlesoft.

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