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Florida’s Craft Beer Capital

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It’s no secret that Tallahassee has become a destination for craft beer lovers. While Florida’s coasts may have a greater volume of breweries, the 850 region has produced an impressive number of award-winning beers recently, and the scene has grown rapidly over the past decade.
There are now five commercial-scale brewing operations in Tallahassee, with several more on the way. For local residents, it’s easier than ever to stop by their favorite tasting room for a pint, or pick up a six-pack of local beer at a grocery store.
This wasn’t always the case, and for a long time the closest craft breweries were in cities like Apalachicola and Gainesville. That changed with the opening of Proof Brewing Co’s original location in 2012. Since then, four new tasting rooms have opened and the market for locally-brewed craft beer in Tallahassee has exploded.

“I’ve been absolutely blown away by the support from Tallahassee, and the amount of beer that we’ve been able to put into the market.”
– Byron Burroughs, Proof Brewing Co

Proponents of craft beer say that breweries aid local growth by creating jobs and bringing tourism dollars into the city. As we found out, they also bring the different parts of Tallahassee together, creating a unifying effect for local neighborhoods.
To learn more about Tallahassee’s thriving craft beer scene, we spoke with the owners and head brewers at the “big five” local breweries.

Left to right: Nick Walker (Ology), Ryan LePete (Deep), Byron Burroughs (Proof), Jesse Ross (Lake Tribe), Gabe Grass (Grasslands).

Left to right: Nick Walker (Ology), Ryan LePete (Deep), Byron Burroughs (Proof), Jesse Ross (Lake Tribe), Gabe Grass (Grasslands). Photo credit: Danny Aller.

Together, these breweries contribute to a craft beer community here in Tallahassee, that’s been deemed Florida’s “Craft Capital.” To hear from Proof, Grasslands, Deep, Ology, and Lake Tribe Brewing, listen-in to Season 3, Episode 4 of the Startup Capital podcast by Cuttlesoft.

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