What’s in a Name?

We figured it was time for an explanation.

When we’re first introduced to someone, be it a client, friend, or anyone on the web, the first question we often receive is “What’s with the name?” We’re quick to explain that Cuttlesoft is a portmanteau of CUTTLEfish and SOFTware. But why did we choose an aquatic cousin of the octopus as our mascot?

In addition to being amazing and adorable little sea monsters, cuttlefish embody many of the characteristics that we like to apply to software development. Here they are in list form, with an explanation of why we value each.



Software development can be a complicated and time consuming process, but we like to use some unique tools and tricks to speed things up whenever possible. Using a custom-built DevOps pipeline and working holistically with techniques like continuous integration lets us build apps quickly and without slow-downs or hang ups. That way we can get from the drawing board to the App Store more quickly.

This saves us time, and clients money as there are fewer rewrites, less bugs to find and fix, and more time spent making sure that the product is the best version possible, rather than making sure that it works in the first place.


Believe it or not, Cuttlefish have the largest brain to body ratio of any animal. We take a page from their book. In order to save precious hours, we like to work smarter, not harder. Rather than build things from the ground up, we incorporate APIs and existing software whenever appropriate. This lets us focus on building newer, better things and engaging with the community that we love.

For instance, we’ve built our own Flask-based boilerplate that we use to start many of our projects, letting us skip many of the tedious steps of setting up a new project. While we could build X app from scratch, there are stable, well-supported, open source solutions we employ, allowing us to spend our valuable time elsewhere.



In addition to using DevOps techniques literally referred to as “Agile” development, we like to produce software that can scale and iterate quickly, dynamically, and intelligently. We use continuous integration to make sure that our software products are built quickly and can be improved easily.

When we need to build an MVP (minimum viable product) for a startup or business, we focus on getting working software deployed ASAP, which lets us more easily learn and adapt our focus on the features that really work for the user.



We develop software that has the ability to adapt and change easily. From different runtime environments to additional features and integrations, the code we produce is written with the intention of being easily scalable and adaptable. We work closely with our clients to give and receive feedback on our apps in development, paying close attention to both what they imagine and how we can implement the best solution possible.

We have certain tools that we prefer when appropriate, but we don’t try to shoehorn clients’ needs into solutions we’ve used before. We prefer to focus on providing the best options and then adapting to clients’ needs and what will work in the real world.

So, there you have it – our obsession with the humble Cuttlefish, explained. Hopefully, you can learn something from our precious tentacled friends as well.

But seriously, just look at this little guy and tell us it isn’t the best mascot ever:
cute cuttlefish