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NewSci, a Tallahassee big data startup, provides data analytics and visualization for clients nationwide. In 2016, Cuttlesoft helped them simplify the process with a custom web app.

Big data is big business. Thanks to modern technology, organizations can now capture and store vast pools of valuable data with ease. The difficulty comes when transforming all of that raw data into meaningful, actionable information. That’s precisely what Tallahassee big data startup NewSci does for nationwide clients in the healthcare, education, and nonprofit sectors.

Founded by David Lawson and Jay Goulart in Tallahassee, NewSci takes mind-boggling quantities of information and turns them into digestible knowledge. Through analysis, insight, and visualization, NewSci lets organizations make better use of their data.

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Cuttlesoft has an ability to blend technical expertise, aesthetically pleasing design, and thoughtful user experience. That was critical. David Lawson Co-Founder, NewSci

Despite the insightful analysis they provided, NewSci had a problem. Although their technology stack worked well — Hadoop on top of IBM’s Softlayer for cloud-based data storage and processing, IBM BigInsights for analysis, and Tableau for data visualization — it was intimidating to users and lacked original branding.

That’s where Cuttlesoft came in. The team was charged with creating a beautiful, branded frontend that showcased the Tableau visualizations NewSci creates for clients. That meant building a secure and responsive integration with Tableau that would let NewSci users view their data with ease.

NewSci wanted to avoid the complexity of other data visualization solutions. Cuttlesoft helped them do that.

To solve the problem, Cuttlesoft designed a frontend that integrated securely with Tableau’s user authentication, allowing for single sign-on between NewSci and Tableau.

Then, using the MEAN stack, Cuttlesoft built a customizable dashboard interface to make viewing data easy and intuitive. Integrated with Tableau’s “Viz” data visualization platform, it allows NewSci users to drag and drop relevant graphs and datasets to build and manage their dashboards, without ever having to navigate Tableau.

This custom solution saves NewSci users time and effort by letting them optimize their data feeds to see only the info they need, enabling them to act on that information faster than ever.

Customers are demanding more pleasing digital experiences. If you want to be known as the best UX in your business, Cuttlesoft can help.



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