PQF – Cloud Migration

Migrating critical business applications and over 10 years of compliance restricted data to the cloud could be nerve-wracking unless you’re working with the right partner.

The Perinatal Quality Foundation is an independent non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of treatment for perinatal health and obstetric medicine. They achieve these goals by leveraging technology to educate healthcare professionals while simultaneously improving obstetric medicine through the statistical analysis of data collection.

A large part of what PQF does is contained within four web applications that serve as both educational platforms and the industry standard for live, data-driven vital metrics to “perinatal quality”.

If I had to pick two words to describe the team at Cuttlesoft, they would be responsive and knowledgeable. Greg Toland IT Architect

Until recently, these applications were hosted on co-located hardware that was managed by the Foundation’s IT admins. With their infrastructure aging, PQF knew that migrating to a reliable cloud computing provider to house their applications and sensitive medical records was the right decision. But with four unique web applications, countless data points to protect, HIPAA compliance guidelines to maintain, and a critical public health mission – PQF knew they needed IT support they could trust from a consultancy with the right credentials.

For the cloud, they chose Amazon Web Services (AWS), and for guidance, they turned to Cuttlesoft.

Cuttlesoft, an AWS Partner, was soon in charge of migrating PQF’s entire IT infrastructure. Cuttlesoft designed, implemented, and deployed an AWS-powered solution to virtualize their application servers, secure their infrastructure, and improve site reliability with zero downtime.

With the migration to the cloud completed, Cuttlesoft continues to work with PQF to further develop its technology and increase their savings with efficient and reliable cloud-based solutions.

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NewSci, a Tallahassee big data startup, provides data analytics and visualization for clients nationwide. In 2016, Cuttlesoft helped them simplify the process with a custom web app.

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